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Join us Nov. 29, 30, Dec. 1 & Dec. 6, 7, 8 for the 3rd Annual Coast Christmas Market at John Henry's

Garden Bay, Sunshine Coast, BC

If you’re looking for unique gifts for friends, family and colleagues, visit the Coast Christmas Market at John Henry’s this holiday season. Over two weekends we’ll have local artisans selling their beautifully hand-crafted wares in our cozy oceanfront cottages and vacation rental homes. Whether it’s specialty foods, personal care products, art, accessories or jewellery you’re looking for, you’ll find them here at the Coast Christmas Market. The General Store at John Henry’s also offers an eclectic gift selection.

While you walk from vendor to vendor soak up the festive atmosphere we’ll create with our Christmas lights, carollers, seasonal foods and Santa. The Café at John Henry’s will also be open, serving warm seasonal fare.

Opening Hours

Friday Nov. 29th – 11am till 5pm
Saturday Nov. 30th – 11am till 7pm
Sunday Dec. 1st – 11am till 5pm

Friday Dec. 6th – 11am till 5pm
Saturday Dec. 7th – 11am till 7pm
Sunday Dec. 8th – 11am till 5pm

Our 2018 Market Artisans

Art meets chocolate
Art meets chocolate

“My love of fine chocolate, art and the beautiful place we call home inspired me to create ART meets CHOCOLATE.

I like to think of it as my art project. Our art project.

ART meets CHOCOLATE is about us. Our people, our cities, neighbourhoods and our artists.

Our incredibly vibrant and colourful culinary movement influenced my choice of flavours and ingredients for each of my chocolates. 

I hold myself to a very high quality standard. My chocolates are crafted by hand, in small batches with the very best of quality ingredients.

I only use premium, organic and fair or direct trade chocolate  and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 

And to showcase our delicious product, I am wrapping my chocolates in the inspiring work of our amazing local artists. 

I hope you enjoy our creation! 

ART meets CHOCOLATE. Be inspired.”

Jennifer Love
Jennifer Love

Jennifer creates abstract paintings using collaged hand-painted and printed fabrics and papers. Layering – of colours, of patterns and textures, of fibres and stitches, of references gleaned from nature and human culture – this is at the core of her art practice. She is particularly interested in intersections, disruptions and reversals where positive and negative space, natural and man-made patterns, order and randomness have an opportunity to coexist and interact.

Verna Chan
Verna Chan

Hand knits & crochet. Unique styles and new twists on classic looks.

Beady Eye
Beady Eye

“I am attracted by human-made objects placed in a natural setting, and by the beauty of such works from the Greco/Roman world of antiquity.  The work of William Blake also inspires me.  My fibre art often includes reclaimed paper and photographs, and occasionally other reclaimed materials.

I began to work with fibre in 2007.  I was drawn to art—as opposed to “traditional”—quilts because I’m not good at following instructions.  Still, I have taken numerous courses and classes, with Nancy Crow (USA), Jennifer Love, Jane Willoughby Scott, Pat Crucil, Jason Pollen, Gloria Loughman (Australia), and others, as well as Textile History courses offered by Tisha Singer at Capilano University, where I have also studied life drawing with Marcus Bowcott.

I am a member of the international fibre arts group Out of Bounds, which produces two- and three-dimensional art in a variety of media, and also a member of the Surface Design Association of BC.  As a jeweller, I have participated in a variety of craft fairs and Christmas Gallery Shows, including shows at The Ferry Gallery, West Vancouver (2006) and Seymour Art Gallery (2006 – 2014).  I am currently represented at Seymour Art Gallery and The Landing Gallery. “

Seasprite Gallery & Custom Carving
Seasprite Gallery & Custom Carving

“Dreams are what life is made of! We whittle away at them, carving out a life for ourselves, drawing upon our experiences, painting and being painted by what we see! Sculpted by all those we touch and meet. We are both the dream and the dreamer.”

Heidi Bennett was born in Victoria B.C. She has lived may places in B.C. only to return to the coast again and call the Sunshine Coast her home. A self taught artist, Heidi’s creations are inspired by her playful nature and through her deep love of nature.

As a child she loved to draw and when her children were very small she began creating life size portraits of children, people and pets in charcoal and chalk. Heidi’s first portraits were for family but soon she was commissioned by many others. While living in Smithers B.C. she painted in acrylics that captured the magic of the landscape she lived in and then she began to transfer those images from canvas to clothing. Her paintings and clothing were exhibited in the Smithers Art Gallery. Heidi then moved from the canvas and cloth into sculpting whimsical creations in polymer clay. When she moved to the Sunshine Coast with its abundance of wood, she began to fulfill her dream in carving.

Heidi puts great care into the finishing of her wood carvings which are a delight to touch as well as behold. Carving beautifully detailed bowls, sculptures, masks, urns, door knockers and more. Her studio looks out onto the ocean where, she kayaks, fishes and snorkels with her family. Her imagination is endless and her works of art continue to both amaze and delight those who see them.

FibreWorks Studio & Gallery
FibreWorks Studio & Gallery

Hosted in a collection of yurts, FibreWorks showcases fibre art – basketry, paper, textiles and wood, created by local, national and international artists.

FibreWorks was founded over a decade ago by the inspirational Yvonne Stowell when she and her husband relocated to the Sunshine Coast from their home in Kitimat, BC. Having worked as a fibre artist for the majority of her life, Yvonne had the vision, ability and passion to realize her goal of creating a destination for fibre enthusiasts from the Sunshine Coast and beyond. It has been a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience to create FibreWorks and work with hundreds of amazing artists – local and international. Hosting thousands of visitors at FibreWorks each year has given us an opportunity to showcase emerging and established artists as well as providing an educational opportunity through workshops. After ten wonderful years Yvonne has chosen to step away from the daily operations of FibreWorks in order to enjoy her time in the studio with her sister Marilynn and travel with Reg.

FibreWorks now enters its eleventh season on the Sunshine Coast under the direction of the new owner, Alexis Bach. Her commitment is to ensure the yurts will remain to be a community of supportive creativity for fibre arts on the Sunshine Coast where individuals can be inspired by and instructed in the myriad of expressions that fibre can take form. We welcome you to join us this season for all the upcoming exhibits, workshops, ongoing and special events.

Christopher Norman Chocolates
Christopher Norman Chocolates

Artist and internationally renowned Chocolatier Jon Down celebrates with a collection of artisanal chocolates inspired by his new West Coast location.

A pioneer and leading light in the hand-crafted premium chocolate revolution, John’s flavour artistry and daring innovation is back with a flourish of captivating, memorable taste profiles and magical chocolate alchemy.

Danshin Forest
Danshin Forest

“I was always attracted to different materials and styles. Through the past 10 years I attended multiple workshops and tried myself in various techniques: watercolours, acrylics, sewing, printing, woodwork, clay modeling and more. Born and raised in cultural capital of Siberia I was always surrounded by diverse range of artists, though since my move to Canada (and few moves between provinces), I had no luck in finding the fitting art community, so I had to invent a new way of self-expression through sewing and accessory production. Recently I realized that I need to run a project that could include all my skills and unite all experiences in one form. This concept was developing in my head since 2015, by gathering ideas from my cartoon sketches, crafted clothing style and desire to incarnate a soul into a tiny figure. These timid notion has been following me from my childhood.

When I decided to start this project, first thing that I wanted to represent is an atmosphere of woodlands, obscure creatures and mousy silence. I got inspired by one very relative and tedious artist – nature. These tiny spirits are a projection of surrounding me world and mysteries it holds. In this miniature universe I am able to describe unseen events by projecting it on the inhabitants. Every little scratch and wrinkle depict temper and tone of the character; covering surrounding ambience.”

Flying Anvil Artists
Flying Anvil Artists

The Flying Anvil Studio is home to almost 70 Sunshine Coast artists and artisans, Some of these will be showcased at the Coast Christmas Market.

You can visit the Studio and Gallery while you’re at the market – see below for details.

Everbloom Handcrafted
Everbloom Handcrafted

Meticulously detailed and unique; Everbloom Handcrafted turns vintage components and found treasure into coveted heirloom pieces. We have vintage story book ornaments, repurposed felted woolens, and many more items to help make your Christmas special!

Heather House Jewellery
Heather House Jewellery

Heather Wright seeks out antique and vintage collectibles and repurposes them into beautiful jewellery. Her passion is to give old treasures new life, creating heirlooms for people to enjoy and share.

Warren Phillips
Warren Phillips

Warren Phillips is a skilled woodworker who has lived on the Sunshine Coast
his whole life. His background has made him a conservationist who deeply
appreciates and understands coastal rainforest.

The charcuterie boards are made of cured maple hardwood which is beautifully
grained, in almost all cases bird’s-eye and quilted maple. Each piece is unique,
varying from about 16″ long to 30″, and 9″ – 15″ wide, depending on the piece,
and often raw-edge. All are oiled and ready to use.

Gambier Island Lavender & Herb
Gambier Island Lavender & Herb
Gambier Island Lavender & Herb began in 2014 with 125 plants on a gravelly south-facing slope on an island in western Howe Sound BC. We now have 700 plants in 7 varieties and provide to local florists as well as distilling oil and hydrosols from lavender and other herbs grown on our B.C. certified Bee-friendly acreage. Products are sold locally and available on-line.
Deborah began learning about identifying, harvesting and using bioregional curative plants in Baja California, where she operated Baja Botanicals, making herbal tinctures and salves available in local markets. She has brought her acquired knowledge north to Gambier Island, and continues to practice care and attention to detail in cultivation and fabrication. Products range from a broad spectrum natural insect repellent, to first aid ointments, personal care products, fresh and dried lavender in sachet, wreaths and in bulk.
We love and respect the plants that grace us with their presence and their healing natures.
Funky Cool Patina
Funky Cool Patina

Patricia Skorah/Burnett was born in Burnaby B.C., studying Classical Piano, from Donna Fishwick, and obtaining her degree at an early age. She went on to sing and play in rock bands across the country, and now performs solo, and is an avid song writer/composer.

In 2005, she added another artistic flair to her lifestyle. Seeing the beauty in antique pianos, Patricia began designing beautiful “One of a Kind” creations from ivory and ebony piano keys as well as many other pieces designed from vintage collectibles. Patricia’s work is sought after and is sold in shops in the Lower Mainland as well as around the world from her website! Many musicians from all over seek to purchase her musical adornments!

Wear them with Love…

West Coast Wreath Co.
West Coast Wreath Co.

West Coast Wreath Co. is a brand new local company here on the Sunshine Coast. A father-daughter team, Lance and Sasha have 50+ combined years of experience in working with local greenery. We offer gorgeous, full, fragrant, hand-tied mixed wreaths, garland and door swags.

We look forward to meeting you all at this year’s Christmas Market!

Plumb Bob Woodturning
Plumb Bob Woodturning

Bob started wood turning when he was still very young. He remembers a story of when he was just 20 years old and he bought his first lathe from a Scotsman who had brought it all the way from England and showed Bob how to use it; from then on Bob has worked as a Journeyman Carpenter.

Now a resident of the Sunshine Coast, PlumbBob manages his own company, Plumb Bob Construction, where he does turning for movies and other commercial applications. He also produces his own personal and original art. At one point, he was the Focus On Fundamentals Coordinator for the Greater Vancouver Woodturner’s Guild.

He continues to be a member of the American Association of Woodturning. Bob’s work, under the label “PlumbBob” can be found in many galleries on the coast.

Bob was the Focus on Fundamentals Coordinator for the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild; moreover he is a member of the American Association of Woodturning.

Sun Catcher Stones
Sun Catcher Stones

Welcome to Suncatcher Stones, where I feature my elegant sun catchers all hand made with natural gem stones like Amethyst, Jade, Garnet, Citrine, Hematite, Yellow Tigers Eye, Blue Tigers Eye, Red Tigers Eye, Clear Quartz, Blue Sodalite, Green Aventurine, glass beads and crystals.

I also make gemstone trees of life which I make in a 10″ (small piece) and a 18″ (large piece) you can hang them in a window as a feature piece, or on the wall with the rest of your art.

You will also find semi precious stone pendants most of which I wrap with silver or bronze wire.

Other stops worth making in Pender Harbour & Area

Motoko Gallery

“Originally from Japan, I am strongly influenced by my Japanese cultural background, as well as the natural beauty of British Columbia’s west coast where I now live. The Japanese concepts of “jounetsu”, “yasuragi”, “iyashi” and “kokoro” are fundamental to my whole being. Through my passion for art, I try to blend these concepts together to evoke a sense of peacefulness, tranquility and healing that touches the mind and soul of the viewer.”

Where? 4590 Sinclair Bay Rd, Garden Bay, BC V0N 1S1

When? See website for hours

The Flying Anvil Studio

The Flying Anvil Studio is a showcase for many talented Sunshine Coast artists and artisans.  

The Gallery began in 1999 with Bruno Pepin’s fabulous forged and fabricated metalwork, then expanded with works from Lund to Langdale and beyond.  At last count almost 70 artists and artisans had their work on display at The Flying Anvil.

Where? 6013 Garden Bay Rd, Garden Bay, BC V0N 1S1

When? The Gallery is open year-round, and usually seven days a week from May to September.


Jack Gibson Gallery

Jack Gibson began his sculptor’s journey by creating three-dimensional bronze wildlife pieces inspired by studying creatures in their habitats: a majestic bear, Rocky Mountain big horns and the eagle, among others.

In addition to wildlife, Jack creates bronze figures inspired by movement.

Jack’s work has been shown in respected galleries in North America: Buschlen Mowatt Galleries and Howe Street Gallery in Vancouver, Webster Gallery in Calgary and galleries in California and Oregon.

Where? 5107 Elliot Road, Garden Bay BC, V0N 1S1

When? Jack’s home gallery is open by appointment. Call 604 883 9010 or 778-772-3036.

How to Get Here

We’re about 75 minutes from the Langdale Ferry Terminal, and 40 from Sechelt, on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

John Henry’s Marina & Resort, 4907 Pool Road, Garden Bay, BC V0N 1S0